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Player's Code of Conduct and Dress Code
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1. I will do my very best in school.

2. I will never make fun of or yell at another player on my team, another team or league

3. I will never attempt to hurt another player for any reason.

5. I will cheer for my teammates.

6. I will never blame a loss on a teammate.

7. I will help teammates who believe they had a “bad game” to feel better and remind them that soccer is a team sport and no one player wins or loses a game.

8. I will attend every practice and game that I can and I let my coach know if I cannot be there for any reason.

9. I will always do my best in practice and in games.

10. I will never question a coach’s or a referee’s decision during a game.

11. I expect my coaches to make the game fun and fair for all players.

12. The Connecticut Junior Soccer Association dress code states that a player cannot wear any form of jewlery including ear rings due to safety concerns, and I will abide by these conditions.