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Here are some of the most asked questions by our members. While our goal is to be trouble free as possible, we realize sometimes problems are inevietable. We hope to help you solve most problems you may encounter on our site. You can scroll through them, or click on a question and you will be taken straight. to the answer. Some give you the ability to open a seperate window for printable instructions.  Just look for (Click here for printable instructions)

I registered my child in the wrong program.  How can I change it?
(Click here for printable instructions)

1.      Return to and click "Register Online"
2.      Click the program you want to register for.
3.      Click "Continue".
4.      Sign in using your e-mail address and password.
5.      Click the child you want to change the registration for.
6.      Verify the information and click "Submit"
7.      At the next form, again verify information and recheck the agreement boxes.
8.      Click "Submit Information"
9.      Don’t pay any additional money by charge card. The next step (10) will adjust any balances.
A.     If you are moving down a program, a refund or credit for the following season will be made.
B.     If moving up and additional fees are required, mail a check to PO Box 80 Somers, Ct.
C.     If you are not sure you are due a refund or owe additional fees, mention this when you email the registrar in the next step(10).
10. Email registrar with change details. The balance will be adjusted and the old registration will be deleted. You can find the registrar’s e-mail address on the main page under the button entitled "Board Members".

 When I try to log in, I keep getting a message my ID or password is incorrect.

Doublecheck your e-mail address. You may have typed it incorrectly. Did you use a different e-mail address than when you originally registered?  If so, use your old address and password. When you obtain access, a date with your new email. If you've forgotten your password follow the instructions for I forgot my password.
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I forgot my password.  How can I get a new one?

Return to the site and click the Edit My Account button in the bottom left.  When you see the login screen, enter only your email address.  A new password will be sent in a few moments.  After you log in, you can either change the password or leave it as is.

 When I try to pay by credit card, I get and error or the site won't accept it

The most likely reason for credit card problems is we accept Master Card and Visa only.  Be sure you are using one of these cards.  If you are using an accepted card.  Sometimes our credit card server is busy or performing maintanence. Try returning at a later time and log in using the "Edit My Account" button.

I keep getting unwanted text messages on my cell phone.  How do I stop this?
(Click here for printable instructions)   

   This is caused when you first set up your account and changed the box next to your cell phone from "no text messages" to your provider.  This causes the site to automatically send text messages each time we send out a news item.  To stop the text messages, do the following:
1.      Return to the site at and click the “Edit My Account” button in the lower left.
2.      Sign in using your email address and password you received.
3.      Click your name. When your information window comes up, change the drop down box to the right of your cell phone number to “no text messages” Click submit.
4.      Repeat step 3 for all the names on your account.