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Travel Coaches Player Passes/Roster Procedures
Travel Coaches must follow below procedures to register their team under CJSA guidelines.
1.      The Travel Coordinator will make up Player Rosters minimum 3 weeks before the start of the season.
2.      The Coach must provide to the Registrar either an old player pass or copy of birth certificate for each player on their roster.
3.      All travel players need passes to play. New Passes are needed for the Fall Season and are also good for the Spring Season.  Only new players that did not play in the Fall must get a new Player Pass for the Spring Season.
4.      Players without passes need to submit a birth certificate and digital picture to the Registrar. See Item 5 below for instructions regarding pictures.  The digital pictures can be emailed to the Registrar at . Original birth certificates (with official seal or stamp) need to be verified in person by the registrar or any board officer.  If you have passes for players no longer playing on your team, please submit them to the appropriate coach.
5.      Before sending any pictures, please take or scan pictures at lowest possible resolution so they will fit on the pass.  Important, before you send, re-name the file using a LastnameFirstname naming format (example:DenverJohn).  Please make sure you capitalize the first letter of the last name and first name.  This makes them easily identifiable.  Do this for any birth certificate files you might send, except put the word Cert on the end of the first name (example: DenverJohn_cert).  Acceptable file formats are gif, jpg, jpeg, bmp, .iff, psd, or png. No other naming convention or file formats will be accepted.
6.      Coaches must provide their birthdays on the website. This is a CJSA requirement.
7.      The Registrar will then print an official signed CJSA Roster after verification of players, and any necessary player passes. You will be notified by email or phone when these are ready for pickup.
8.      The Coach will then have an Officer of the SSA Board sign-off on the Roster and have players sign the Membership portion of their pass.
9.      The Coach will then bring the Signed Roster/Player Passes, Old Player Passes/Copy of Birth Certificates to the District Registrar for his signature. In the spring, please include a copy of your Fall Roster in your packet. (Have this done a minimum one week before season )
10. District Registrar is Bruce Wilhelm, 5 Plainfield St., Enfield. (Off of Weymouth Rd).
11. Leave your packet in an envelope with your name, team and phone number in the box by his side door. DO NOT KNOCK on this door.
12. Bruce will call you when your Roster/Player Passes are ready for pickup.
13. Coaches will then bring their new Player Passes to the Travel Coordinator for lamination of the Passes
14. The Travel Coordinator will issue each Coach a User Name and Password so they can enter all their scores (Friendlies and League games) on the Berlin CJSA website. Our Association gets fined if scores are not reported.